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Telecommunications Training
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High Work, part of OSG,  is an independent training company specialising in health & safety in all areas of safe working at height across a number of industries.

Safety at work is of paramount importance throughout industry and in some areas expert training is required in order to ensure that there is an awareness and understanding of the requisite care necessary for specific working environments.

At High Work we provide first class training for companies and individuals that need approval and certification to undertake work in:

  • Telecommunications

  • Construction

  • Maritime


A number of important differences make High Work the best choice for your training requirements:

  • We provide course delegates with access to working environments as part of the syllabus.

  • We will adapt courses to meet the specific requirements of particular working environments.

  • We can run technical set-ups for new safety equipment.

  • We can supply facilities to rig and review the installation of new client equipment.

  • We can assess current safety policies to determine if they meet ongoing needs. 


We have a number of courses on offer and have also produced an intensive 3 week training course for prospective communication engineers who wish to enter the diverse world of telecommunications.


OSG is a CTP approved supplier of resettlement training to the UK Armed Forces.

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